Total Defense Internet Security Suite 3PCs UK 2 Year

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Total Defense Internet Security Suite, which now includes Mobile Security, offers virus and spyware protection from emerging threats for desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. this easy-to-use, all in-one security suite features one of the fast scanning engines in the industry—up to 8x faster than standard security applications— and protects against viruses, rootkits, FakeAV, spam, and other online threats. Designed specifically for home and home office environments, Total Defense Internet Security Suite introduces some industry-leading enhancements in anti-phishing, anti-spam, and automatic USB scanning technologies. It packs unprecedented power into an even smaller memory footprint, making your PC security leaner, meaner and smarter than ever before.

An intuitive user interface makes it easy to protect your PC by grouping common functions into organized sections.

The “My Internet” section makes configuring the firewall simple, it also helps you prevent identity theft, fraud, and Internet nuisances, such as phishing attacks and spam. Protects your PC from malware and malicious programs.

Automatic updates, intuitive wizards, and well-thought-out default settings eliminate the need to baby-sit your security software and second-guess protection levels. Total Defense Internet Security Suite is all about top-notch security made easy.

The “My Kids” section makes setting up Internet filtering and protecting your child from online predators, inappropriate content or illegal activities a snap.

The “My files” section lets you quickly back-up and restore important files, photos, and music. you can also use this section to move critical files and settings to another PC.

The “My Computer” lets you stay on top of your PC security with easy-to-manage settings. It also reports your protection status, so you can be sure that you’re running the latest definitions and signatures.


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