Zoner Barcode Studio 2

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Zoner Barcode Studio 2 provides professional results and is exceptional value for money. The quality of barcodes is measured by how accurately they can be scanned and read. With bar width-correction to compensate for ink feathering, code size optimization, and adaptability to various printer technologies, Zoner Barcode Studio is designed to obtain the highest quality results even on inkjet printers.

– Archives barcodes in a tree structure
– Provides XML import and export
– Exports to the ZMF, WMF, EMF and BMP formats
– Exports multiple barcodes on a page to the ZMF format. This is Zoner Draw’s native file format.
– Includes a ZMF viewer, and exports to the Clipboard in the ZMF, WMF, EMF and BMP formats
– Lets you export multiple barcodes from a tree structure
– Easy multiple barcode printing,for printing labels, lets you choose from which label to start printing
– Numeric sequence generator, ODBC support, provides a separate dialog box for set-up of UCC/EAN-128 application identifiers
– Automatic selection of the optimal encoding (A, B, C) in Code128, automatic check-digit calculation
– Import from ODBC-compatible database/spreadsheet formats
– Human readable text can be shown/hidden
– Barcode height selection, barcode size selection, captions above, beside, or below barcodes, crop marks, quiet zones with indicators

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