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Component, Plugin and Module

The component that shows a gallery – catalog of selected YouTube videos. All you need is to create a gallery and add list of video links, then add menu item with YouTybe Gallery type.

Also you may use it as plugin. Just place { youtubegallery=galleryid } in to any article.


In components / youtube gallery  create a  new gallery and add youtube link as shown above. Each gallery has it's own ID, this ID you may use in plugin.

You may pass some options to the gallery, but in exactly same sequence:


example 1:

{youtubegallery=Hot for words,Hot for words} – will show the gallery "Hot for words" with default settings, but create it first..

example 2:

{youtubegallery=1,1} – will show the gallery with default settings. Where 1 is an ID of existing gallery, create it first.

example 3:

{youtubegallery=1,400,300,,,,,,,,3} – this will show: gallery id 1, width is 400px, height is 300px and in three columns

P.S. To show Vimeo thumbnails, please enable show video title option.

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