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Your internet Business –an expert tells all Inside-knowledge of the highest quality 2 million viewings of his tutorials Over 1 million contacts in 3 years Earn over 1000 € in one hour From now on – everything is possible for you To have success in the internet nowadays you hear all kinds of things. What you also always hear is become an expert in a niche You also always get to hear that 90% don´t have any success in the internet. Maybe there´s the KEY Everyone looks in a keyword planner to find out what people look for in google. That is however wrong, right is to look for what people need. How can I help the people – which problems do my product solve. Which uses can I offer people? We should be concentrating on these things Is google really so important or are there possibilities to be successful without google? There are in fact many possibilities which others hardly ever use because that only see google and the experts in their niche It´s high time to think again: The following themes are handled: Without google to success How do I further build on what others have built Concentrate on the core matters Success comes to only there who put things into practice Earn with videos Earn also over 1000 € in one hour Make correct use of the social media Goal setting and the Pareto principle Business plan and positioning Selling on portals like Amazon and ebay Model yourself on the competition What more can we say about this product What our clients said: It´s my regular partner (in the car, in the sun, when peeling potatoes) How it´s possible with simple means, to build up a flourishing internet business Four weeks ago I never believed that I would be able to set up a youtube video Small classifieds by ebay (with over 3 thousand visitors – I thought I dreamt it From yesterday I have got almost 50 likes and that in less than 24 hours Approaches which for the most part distinguish themselves from the current published video sources My website visitors increased six-fold Right, you´ve really given me a push On google I´m in 2nd place with my facebook page You have many new thoughts ideas and tips and and and Enjoy the feeling that you´re on the move

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