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How do you put your documents online?

Well, maybe we’ve found an easier way of doing that. With our assistance a web page can be formatted right from the MS Word document.

We bet you’ll find it a lot less complicated than now!

We have implemented an idea of generating web-pages from the Word document. You don’t have to write the scripts and manage loads of pages anymore В– a single word document empowered by the WordForce add-on allows you to create as many pages as you wish and much more!

Automatized to the utmost WordForce performs all the hard work and leaves you with the simple pressing of buttons and inputting the text.

The operations that can be done by you include:
  • adding comprehensive media files (either flash movies or sounds and videos);
  • adding and maintaining document elements including HTML pop-ups;
  • adding and maintaining scripted HTML forms that allow employment of various interactions using HTML elements like HTML checkboxes, HTML radio buttons, HTML text-fields, HTML drop down lists. WordForce can be used to automatically generate and maintain scripts for all of these without a need for users to understand or even see the underlying JavaScript or DHTML.
  • generating SCORM bundles which make your course-material compliant with various Learning Management Systems(LMS)- which automate navigation and allow student performance to be stored in databasesВ—and which include the LMS metadata and also the scripting needed to interact with a LMS and report scores, pass-fail, course completion status etc.

In reality you actually do not have to be aware of all the tricky procedures typical for any kind of coding.

It’s within your potential to
  1. author a several-level menu by just indicating the text styles
  2. enable a search field and index field by only checking the corresponding boxes
  3. insert quizzes and questions with active check boxes and radio buttons by following the clearest navigation and steps.
Customizable labels will provide you with a potentiality of creating buttons in your native language. Web standards are implemented so that you can publish the web site directly into a LMS like JoomalLMS, Blackboard, WebCT, Moodle, Fronter and others В– or just export a SCORM package or a web site for the students’ computer.

The decent price and the usability of WordForce more than defray all the expenses. It might be a good idea of getting either full or trial version of WordForce because it offers a great economy of time, money and efforts doing Rapid e-Learning.

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