Word Count Tool Festival Season


Word Count Tool is a unique word count software tool developed to help the user in counting words, characters, lines and pages in multiple files at one go. The software can count words, lines and pages in Word excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Publisher files with ease. It has become extremely popular in transcription and translation industry because of its unique feature helping in calculation of cost of transcription or translation. The software allows the user to carry out Character and word count, Line count and Page count in Doc, Docx, XLS, XLSX, PPTX, PPT, PUB, PDF, TXT, XML, HTML, INI, CSV, LOG, etc. simultaneously.

It allows the user to carry out word count in word files, word count in excel files, word count in PowerPoint files or word count in pdf files with similar ease. Purpose of the software is to make Counting and Cost Calculation tasks simple. User can carry out these tasks with a few mouse clicks. They can select files for these operations by using add files button or add folders button. By clicking add folders button user can add all files contained in a selected folder at one go or add relevant files by selecting types of files. Next step is to set price, currency and unit on which cost needs to be calculated. Thereafter the user needs to click start counting button to start counting process.

The software is equipped with whole lot of advanced features to make counting and cost calculation process fast and simple. The software has great utility in transcription and translation industry, as this tool facilitates effortless calculation of cost of transcription and translation and trend of paying professional writers, transcriptase and translators is increasing. The software can process large amount of data at one go making this a fast and reliable tool. This saves precious time and effort of the user. The software has earned wide acceptance in transcription and translation industry.

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