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- Overly Simplified App and Easy to Get Start With Not only is this application lightweight but is also very easy to get started with. Mainly since it starts to double click the setup file and continue "Next" button. The installation progress get finished and you can launch PDF Split Pro to enjoy the functions.

- Effortlessly Split PDFs with just a Few Mouse Clicks Add a PDF file with more than one page and choose on of the two available split modes. Then what you should do is only clicking the "Split" button from the lower right side of the main window. Once the button has been clicked, you are prompted to choose the destination for the output file, name the resulting file, and that's all about it.

Summary: PDF file, double click

Concepts: Click, Click, 2002 albums, File format


  • /technology and computing/hardware/computer networking/router
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Tags: Overly Simplified App, available split modes, PDF Split Pro, PDF file, Split PDFs, application lightweight, Mouse Clicks, setup file, main window, output file, computing/hardware/computer peripherals, double clickConcepts, computing/hardware/computer networking/router/technology, button, quot, Start, destination, Next&quot, installation, functions, page, Split&quot, albums

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