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When working on a project as a team, putting together each and every contribution is perhaps the most demanding task since it requires a lot of attention to details especially as far as the transition between each section is concerned. Fortunately, there are utilities that can help you when dealing with such a task, and an example in this regard is WonderfulShare PDF Merge, a program designed to combine two or more PDF files.

Benefits and features list:

  • Drag and drop your multiple PDF files
  • Unlock the PDF files with passwords
  • Set exported file name and destination folders
  • Merge with the specified pages
  • Set password for PDF files before merging
  • Preview the added PDF files


Summary: PDF files

Concepts: File system, Computer file, Merge, Filename, File format, Combine, Filename extension, Password


  • /business and industrial/business operations/human resources/compensation and benefits
  • /sports/auto racing
  • /travel/tourist destinations

Tags: PDF files, WonderfulShare PDF Merge, multiple PDF files, benefits/sports/auto racing/travel/tourist destinations, industrial/business operations/human resources/compensation, demanding task, Filename extension, destination folders, features list, Set password, File format, Combine, Unlock, contribution, regard, transition, attention, passwords, example, project, team, details, section, Drag, utilities, program, pages

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