WonderFox Document Manager 2015 Christmas (Year-End Promotion)


WonderFox Document Manager is an all in one documents management program. With it, you can manage your daily office documents conveniently. You can list and backup all target electronic documents in a short time, instead of searching and backup them one by one. You can protect your office documents by Lock, Hide and Encryption to to prevent accidental deletion or protect your privacy. You can also convert PDF to Word, Excel or Text Document (this feature is just on the way and will come soon).

Concepts: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft, Visual Basic for Applications, Microsoft Office 2007, Computer virus, OpenOffice.org, Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac


  • /travel/travel guides
  • /technology and computing/software
  • /business and industrial

Tags: WonderFox Document Manager, documents management program, target electronic documents, daily office documents, Microsoft Office, accidental deletion, Microsoft Excel, short time, Visual Basic, /travel/travel guides/technology, Text Document, OpenOffice.org, Hide, Lock


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