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WinSent Messenger is an instant messaging program for local area networks. It will allow you to conveniently and instantaneously exchange short text messages with other users of your network, send and receive personal messages to and from them, send broadcast messages to a group of users or to all users of the network. Main features are:
– contact list, message archive, lan browser;
– sending and receiving messages using computer name, user login;
– distributing messages to an arbitrary group of user or to all users of domain;
– uses standard SMB protocol (compatible with WinPopup, Windows Messenger Service and net send);
– does not require a dedicated server or an internet connection.
WinSent has simple, handy and easy-to-use user interface. It is a compact program with low system requirements. The program designed to be used in small or medium-sized office or home local networks.

Summary: text messages, net send, instant messaging, user interface, WinSent, dedicated server, Windows

Concepts: Instant messaging, Messenger service, .NET Messenger Service, Windows Messenger, LAN messenger, Personal computer, Internet, Local area network


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Tags: messenger service, instant messaging, instant messaging program, Windows Messenger Service, .NET Messenger Service, short text messages, local area networks, net send, WinSent Messenger, easy-to-use user interface, home local networks.Summary, LAN messenger, Local area networkCategories, broadcast messages, personal messages, lan browser, Main features, SMB protocol, distributing messages, user login, contact list, arbitrary group, message archive, medium-sized office, low system requirements, compact program, internet connection, dedicated server, users


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