WinPatrol PLUS, up to 5 PC's you personally use, Lifetime License - Electronic Delivery Black Friday Sale!

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Take back Control and guard against unwanted system changes.

WinPatrol PLUS, your computer's best friend.

  • Speed-up your computers start-up by moving programs you don't need right away to delayed start.
  • Delay program start-up by up to 1 hour 59 minutes
  • Lock down important registry keys
  • View information about programs on your computer via our PLUS Info… feature
  • Detect malware BEFORE you get infected.
  • Take control of Internet Explorer add-ons and toolbars
  • Pro-actively remove unwanted cookies
  • On demand heuristic processing
  • Control ActiveX components

WinPatrol watches vital areas of your computer so you don't have to.

Use on up to 5 computers you personally use. 

All of our software comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.


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