WinAntiRansom PLUS, Single PC license, Annual Renewal - Electronic Delivery

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Wage WAR on Ransomware with WinAntiRansom.

Features include:

  • PREEMPTIVE STRIKE – WinAntiRansom blocks ransomware BEFORE it can encrypt your data.
  • SAFEZONE FILE STORAGE – Protect a folder of YOUR choice! ONLY Programs YOU approve will access YOUR data!
  • NETWORK LOCKDOWN – Have a home network? Create a list of programs allowed to access YOUR network drives.
  • NETWORK LOCKDOWN – Now protects all Wireless HardDrives as well!
  • PROTECTED REGISTRY – If it is not a "known good" program, it IS NOT going to be creating start-up entries or services!

For use on 1 computer.

All of our software comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Summary: home network, 30 day

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