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Nothing to install. All you need is a device with a web-browser and internet connection to manage your business from anywhere!

We are of the opinion that if you can’t understand a piece of software in five minutes, then it’s too complicated to ever being of proper use. With this in mind we provide you cloud hosted WebAccountLive accounting software to be so easy to use. You’ll have it up and running in less than ten minutes.

Traditional accounting software requires you to enter opening balances, setup chart of accounts, configure tax variables, select when your financial year starts and so on before you can issue your first invoice or record a payment. This is not needed because accounting system doesn't require all of these set up actions before you are able to simply issue an invoice. WebAccountLive doesn't impose onerous set up before getting started. For example, WebAccountLive system doesn't need the financial year starting date until the financial year ends which can be a whole year after you start using the program. This greatly reduces the options to decide on and the actions to take before users are able to get started.

You will receive long-term, high performance access to WebAccountLive software and it helps keep the cost down for your company. You can access it from anywhere and still have the software and the data you need. We provide WebAccountLive accounting software as a service (SaaS).

Suitable for small companies, audit firms, bookkeepers and accountants who would like to maintain their accounts in an affordable, fast and reliable system for access.

How it Works?

The system is hosted and stored (as well as the data) on a secure enterprise class cloud server. You will be able to access the WebAccountLive accounting system via internet through a web browser with any device from anywhere.

Terms & Conditions for Web-based Accounting Software

1. You will receive WebAccountLive Software as a service (SaaS) to use online.

2. WebAccountLive software service is provided "as is".

3. You should not use our service in any manner that is a violation of applicable laws.

4. You need internet connection and a web-browser to use WebAccountLive.

5. 99.9% Uptime on network, backup and state of the art security guarantee.

By ordering this product you accept our Terms of Service.

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