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The VM Bundle is an adaped software synth bundle exclusively made for the SM Pro Audio V-Machine and VFX Mac and PC. It includes:
– an adapted version of OP-X (virtual analog synth)
– an adapted version of Stringer (sample based vintage string machine)
– two custom made effect plugins (reverb and delay)
– prepared banks in VFX format with many ready to play presets
– a BCR2000 toolkit offering a custom sysex preset
Other than many other software synths that have not been adapted to the V-Machine and take too much CPU ressources to run flawlessly in the V-Machine and require for complicated authoritzation using wizard files, the VM Bundle is tailor-made for the CPU and OS of the V-Machine and delivers rock solid and smooth performance at a buffer size of 256 samples or lower, even with presets that use massive amounts of reverb and delay effects. So you never have to care about possible CPU overruns that could produce crackling and audio interrupts. The VM Bundle is designed to run smoothly within the given borthers. Licensing needs no wizard files and can be done directly within VFX after dragging the contents to the VFX library. Non-GUI versions of the plugins are provided for V-Machine internal use only that offer optimized performance without the overheads of the not any more needed graphical user interface engine. That’s why the VM Bundle is able to deliver world class VA sounds in this tiny and CPU-wise not too powerful box, with a reliablity and stability that’s good enough for professional live application.
Included BCR2000 Toolkit
Since a virtual analog VA synth asks for knobs and buttons to edit rather that scroll for parameters in a cryptic menu, the VM Bundle includes a complete toolkit for one of the most recommended controller box in the budget price range that still offers plenty of knobs and buttons: the Behringer BCR2000. The BCR2000 toolkit offers a custom sysex preset that matches the premapped banks which are also included in the bundle as an exchangement option. This preset can be read in into BCR2000 from any MIDI sequencer or MIDI player and offers a dedicated hardware control for every single parameter of OP-X and the most important ones of Stringer, organized in handy logical groups and also using the push function of the upper knob row, either for separate functions, or to center values (e.g. master tune, pan) instantly. Since the BCR2000 offers endless rotary controls with LED rings and LED buttons this setup allows for MIDI feedback that automatically updates all controls to the new values on preset change for value jump free operation. Printable templates give an immediate oversight on which controls are mapped to which parameters. This setup is a dream for anyone who loves the intuitive programming of old analog synths. It’s now possible too in the digital world, with the advantage of full reliability, low weight and unlimited storage capability.
The first preset of the OP-X bank
Presets can be switched manually or by external MIDI program changes. Concerning connectivity the the box offers a standard MIDI input, two USB ports for MIDI keyboards, controllers, dongles, sticks or hard drives, an USB port for synchronization, jack stereo line outputs, a mini jack headphone connector and a mini jack stereo input connector.
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