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Modern and Sophisticated

Everything you need in a template made with awesome design and exceptional functionality.

Easy to Customize and feature rich

Vivera is built with the famous T3 Framework and the unbeatable technology of Bootstrap 3 which are both giving a one of a kind combination of an extensive responsive layout.

An even better Admin Interface and a variety of layouts

Vivera includes one of the easiest and most intuitive Admin Interfaces. It also includes ThemeMagic so that you can easily edit your CSS and Stylesheets with elegant theme color choices, powerful K2 support and awesomely designed, readymade layouts which can even be customized according to your own needs.


Summary: Vivera, ThemeMagic

Concepts: Web design, XUL


  • /technology and computing/computer reviews
  • /art and entertainment/visual art and design/design
  • /technology and computing/internet technology/web design and html

Tags: intuitive Admin Interfaces, better Admin Interface, extensive responsive layout, computing/internet technology/web design, elegant theme color, unbeatable technology, exceptional functionality, awesome design, kind combination, computing/computer reviews/art, entertainment/visual art, layouts, Vivera, Bootstrap, Stylesheets, template, choices, CSS, Framework, variety, Summary, ThemeMagicConcepts, ThemeMagic, XULCategories, /technology, design/design/technology, html

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