Visual Reports


Visual Reports gives you a comprehensive way to create and generate presentation quality reports within their software application. You can design a report using the interactive designer, than you program the printing aspects of the report within an IDE environment, such as Visual Basic or VB.NET. You provide the application data needed to produce the report and you have full control of the report properties and methods using a COM interface.

Key Benefits:

Improved Visual Designer is very similar to the VB6 IDE.
No dependency on a database.
Integrate the Visual Designer within your software application using COM.
Programmatically build reports within your application.
Place bitmaps, graphs, and charts into your report.
Supports page zooming and scrolling.
Text wrapping for text lines and paragraphs.
Sample code for ASP.NET, VB.NET, VB6, VC++, Microsoft Excel (VBA).
Add charts to your reports using the MSChart control
Generate PDF reports natively.

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