Visual Btrieve File Saver

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Visual Btrieve File Saver 

The professional solution to recover Btrieve Data Files. Based on our award wining Btrieve File Saver (OpenSource – see at the bottom of the page) we built a visual Tool to help all administrators, developers and end users without the hassle of any command prompt. 

  • No Btrieve or Pervasive SQL is needed 

  • Easy to use – no installation is required 

  • Handles up to 65000 files fully automated 

  • Saves output including directory structure to independent directory (meaning that you can have multiple files having the same name in different directories and Visual Btrieve File Saver restores the complete directory tree into your target folder) 

You can specify the files you would like to read, dump or restore. Even complete directories and recursive scan’s are possible (recursive means starting at the directory you selected and scan all sub folder of it).

Screenshot 1 Visual Btrieve File Saver Screenshot 2 Visual Btrieve File Saver

You can specify if you want to load files based on the file’s extension 

At the output side you can set the format to 

  • binary (just a binary output of the records)
  • binary + leading length (100% compatible to BUTIL -SAVE)
  • binary + CRC (Cyclic redundancy check)
  • hex (just a hex decimal output of the records)
  • hex + leading length (the length will be in text format)
  • hex + CRC (the CRC in that format is hex converted as well)

Screenshot3 Visual Btrieve File Saver 

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