Visendo Fax Server Standard


Fax Server Enterprise edition brings additional features compared to the Express and Standard Editions such as advanced routing methods, personalized faxing, web interface, Outlook Address Book integration. The number of licenses depends on the purchased license! After the fast and easy installation, with no additional hardware, Visendo Fax Server Express receives and sends your faxes instantly. These are stored as images that can be sent by email to your personal mailbox e.g. Outlook. You can use your fax server with various clients: Mail Client, Web Client, Mobile Client, SharePoint, Fax Printer. Find out more Visendo Fax Server software can be integrated in Fax over IP (FoIP) environments with various virtual gateways offering increased flexibility. Read further how Visendo Fax Server can be integrated with Lancom Virtual Gateway or with Funkwerk Virtual Gateway. By virtualization and Fax over IP (FoIP) integration, Visendo Fax Software becomes the perfect tool for companies that need to improve the efficiency of their operations and reduce their resources and overhead. Read more about the features of Visendo Fax Server Express vs.Visendo Fax Server Standard vs. Visendo Fax Server Enterprise in the fax server comparison matrix. New: documents received with Visendo Fax Server can be tagged and saved to your MS SharePoint 2010. Every document will be then ready for a quick search with the help of TiFF iFilter. Read More about TiFF iFilter and about the integration with Microsoft SharePoint 2010, support for Exchange 2010 UM and Office 2010. Visendo Fax Software is successfully used in the Financial, Legal, Healthcare and Public services. Find out even more about Visendo Fax Software for different industries

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