Visendo Fax Server Standard Update


Visendo Fax Server 2007 Standard receives and sends your faxes. These are stored as pictures and will be sent and received when desired by email to your personal mailbox e.g. or on external store. So the mails will be delivered to each workstation or into an Exchange public folder. For regarding e.g. the internet explorer can be used. The file format is selectable between JPEG, TIF, SFF or pdf. We solve your special company requirements for your fax communication with the Visendo Fax 2007 Enterprise Edition. Thereby we base on the experience of several years with predecessor products and we have included your desires and feedback. Visendo Fax Server Enterprise works as fax server without special connectors. With the help of the internet standard smtp faxes will be sent to your mail server by email (e.g. Exchange or Lotus Notes) and so are available in the inbox. Sent faxes will be likewise sent to you by email including the transmission report.

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