Virtualization - The Complete Cornerstone Guide to Virtualization Best Practices Concepts, Terms, and Techniques for Successfully Planning, Implementing and Managing


Covers just about every aspect of Virtualization someone in IT would be concerned about, from high-level overviews of the different technologies that might be appropriate for upper management, to a very nice series of “hands on” chapters that walk you through experimenting with several of the free virtualization options.
Whether you need a quick primer on virtualization so you can talk shop with those with more detailed knowledge, or want to get a sense of the benefits of the different technologies and how they fit into the big picture of the data center, this book is an invaluable resource. It gives you the vocabulary and understanding of how all the pieces fit together than websites and technical manuals often miss.
The well-organized structure of the book as independent parts, each containing independent chapters, makes it possible to pick and chose what information or level of technical detail is of interest, precisely what CIOs, IT managers, and technologists need to know.
ISBN: 978-1-921523-91-5

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