Virto Workflow Status Monitor for SP2010

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Virto Workflow Status Monitor is a web part for displaying a list of titles and statuses (in progress/error occurred) of all workflows that are running on a SharePoint site. 
The component allow to quickly find workflows with a particular status within a site or site collection, manually or automatically restart all the cancelled workflows, and receiving a variety of workflow status graphical reports. 

Why is this important?

SharePoint is a flexible solution that allows you to effectively organize team work and resolve management issues. Standard SharePoint-based solutions include dozens of interrelated business processes, while more complex solutions include hundreds and even thousands of them. In such a case, the major administrator’s task is to provide stable functioning of all the processes without any failure and achieving reliability and sustainability of the whole solution. 

The administrator can check the status of a process manually by opening each item and the process within it. But to have the whole picture, the administrator would prefer to have a single list of all running business processes and their status, and also have convenient tools for batch operations such as refreshing or termination. This efficient list and tools are provided by Virto SharePoint Workflow Status Monitor web part. The component is compatible with SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions.

Development and Future Versions

The following features are planned to be included in the future versions of Virto SharePoint Workflow Status Monitor:

  1. Automatic e-mail notifications on changes of workflow statuses
  2. Check on new elements (Error, Long Running)
  3. Filtering by errors and workflows


  • Displaying all the workflows running on the SharePoint site or specific SharePoint List 
  • View workflows by statues – filters (statues, all, running, completed, canceled etc.)
  • Providing information about the source list and item of a running workflow
  • Quickly switch between list views and workflow details view
  • Generates a number of workflow related reports
  • Highlighting workflows with errors in red
  • Sorting the workflow list by source list, source item, date and status
  • Exceptionally high productivity by allowing processing of more than 5000 workflows
  • Stopping/starting workflows
  • Setting triggers for workflow auto termination


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