Virto Workflow Activities Kit for SP2007

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With Virto SharePoint Workflow Kit you can enjoy:

  • Sending direct messages to Twitter
  • Active Directory Activities
  • Instant messaging to Jabber, Miranda and GTalk
  • Sending SMS
  • Text activities (capture, replace, validate, format, translate)
  • InfoPath activities
  • HTPP-Activities (receive HTML, send HTTP Post)
  • Grant permission on Item activities
  • Document Library Activities
  • SharePoint Site Management Activities and +100 Activities 
  • Cross-Platform Workflow Integration (SharePoint + SUN/IBM/Amazon/Azure/Microsoft CRM etc.)

Key Benefits of Virto SharePoint Workflow Kit:

  • No-code and Ready-to-use Activities
  • Easy Deployment (just add them into your SharePoint Designer)
  • Enhanced Capabilities for your Custom Workflow Creation

Summary: Twitter, Instant messaging, Miranda

Concepts: Instant messaging, Comparison of instant messaging clients, Text messaging, Google Talk, Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol, Session Initiation Protocol, Internet, Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer


  • /business and industrial/business operations/management/business process
  • /technology and computing/internet technology/email
  • /education/teaching and classroom resources/lesson plans

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