Virto Tag Cloud Web Part for Microsoft SharePoint 2010

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Tag cloud has two main functions: navigation and popularity ranking. In fact, a tag is keyword assigned to a piece of information. It helps describe an item and allows it to be found again by browsing or searching.

Virto Tag Cloud web part is essentially a combination of two different but integrated web parts. The first one allows for extending list field sets with additional “tag” field. The second web part is designed for adding a tag cloud to a SharePoint site pages. Being combined in a single solution, these two web-parts provide users with powerful tools for structuring and effective usage of information based on the tag cloud principles. With Virto Tag Cloud you can quickly structure your SharePoint data and provide easy navigation according to any classification you define.

Summary: Tag Cloud, Tag cloud, single solution

Concepts: Tag, Windows SharePoint Services, Folksonomy, Ring, Web part, Algebraic structure, According to Jim, Graphic design


  • /technology and computing
  • /sports/hockey/field hockey
  • /art and entertainment/movies and tv/movies

Tags: tag cloud, Virto Tag Cloud, Tag Cloud web, tag cloud principles, SharePoint site pages, Windows SharePoint Services, integrated web parts, SharePoint data, popularity ranking, main functions, easy navigation, list field, powerful tools, effective usage, computing/sports/hockey/field hockey/art, Algebraic structure, single solutionConcepts, single solution, tv/movies, information, structuring, item, keyword, combination, fact, piece, tag&rdquo, classification, Folksonomy, web-parts, Ring, users, Jim

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