Virto List Form Designer for Microsoft SharePoint 2010

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Virto List Form Designer is a web part for customizing SharePoint List Form with extended features for advanced form customization.

For all SharePoint lists and libraries, there are assigned default forms that are displayed when a user wants to add, edit or view a list item. These forms sometimes contain very restricted amount of information about the list or item, present problems with usability or they just don’t always look nice enough. With the new Virto List Form Designer web part by VirtoSoftware, you can now easily design your own list forms in a way that fully satisfies your specific needs and requirements, and replace the default ones with just a few clicks.

In comparison to Virto List Form Extender, this web part provides users with advanced tools for designing list forms. Such as when designing a form, you can group fields into sections, easily move their location within the form, use different view types and structure form templates. Furthermore, you can design and use several forms for one SharePoint list and use them at any SharePoint site page. With Virto List Form Designer you can immediately start designing your own list forms and flexibly use them on your SharePoint site.

Please note, you can currently create custom forms only for "Add new item" form. In the nearest future we will add an ability to customize "Edit' and "View" Forms. 


  • Creating list forms for SharePoint lists.
  • Designing new item form view with “Up”, “Down, “Left” “Right” buttons.
  • Grouping fields into sections.
  • Structure templates for forms, fields and sections view.
  • Using forms on any SharePoint site page.


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