Virto Incoming E-mail for Microsoft SharePoint 2010

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Virtosoftware offers an alternative solution that on the one hand is much simpler in deployment and usage and on the other hand provides SharePoint users with additional features. In addition to all the features available when using the default SharePoint email service Virto Incoming Email Service allows for collecting mail from POP3 & IMAP servers, collecting mail from multiple email servers and domains and enables gathering information from emails in SharePoint lists of any type including custom ones.

Summary: Virtosoftware, one hand

Concepts: E-mail, Internet Message Access Protocol, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, Post Office Protocol, Internet, E-mail address, Domain name


  • /technology and computing/internet technology/email
  • /technology and computing/software/databases
  • /technology and computing/enterprise technology/customer relationship management

Tags: default SharePoint email, Virto Incoming Email, SharePoint users, multiple email servers, Mail Transfer Protocol, Message Access Protocol, Post Office Protocol, computing/enterprise technology/customer relationship, SharePoint lists, email service, alternative solution, IMAP servers, additional features, custom ones, E-mail address, Domain nameCategories, computing/internet technology/email/technology, amp, hand, Virtosoftware, deployment, emails, POP3, domains, usage, Summary, information, handConcepts, type

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