Virto Bulk Check In and Approve for SP2013

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Standard SharePoint content management tools require users to manually check in every uploaded file in document, form or picture library, otherwise leaving it checked-out. If you want to ��heck in or check out number of files, or approve them, the procedure will be extremely time-consuming. 
Virto Bulk Check In fixes this shortcoming allowing SharePoint users to bulk check in/out groups of  documents with just few clicks, and automatically check in newly uploaded files, and thus save tremendous amount of time in some cases.

With Virto Bulk Check In you can, first, check in at one time a large group of previously uploaded and currently checked-out documents, and, second, approve them (sometime when you set up a SharePoint list or library, you can require approval of the items or files) . In the latter case you can decide whether the files are checked in as published or draft versions.

The web part is not the first VirtoSoftware product for group operations with files in SharePoint. With Virto Bulk Check In, Virtosoftware offers a whole series of four product for group file management in SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013. In addition to Bulk Check In web part, Virtosoftware offers a set of web parts for bulk operations— upload, download, delete, edit, copy&move, fully compatible with SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013. Once the components are installed, additional upload and download as well as delete and move options will be available in all the list of your SharePoint file library. With these options one can easily perform operations with a large group of files with just a few clicks.


  • Bulk check in groups of checked-out documents with just few clicks
  • Bulk discard of checked-out documents
  • Bulk approval for submitted items
  • All content type support


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