- you can collect all your photos or pictures to only one film file (movie-file in avi format) – then you can show this film using any of your movie players – the photo file formats can be: jpg, bmp, gif, tif, png, wmf, emf, cur, ico – you can show all photo files from selected directory as a mosaic – you can select a needed photos and make a film for them How to use the program: – simply open one of the picture files (menu File / Open) – all picture files from this directory will be shown as a mosaic – use mouse double click or key Enter to show a picture in a separate window – use keyboard keys ‘+’ or ‘-‘ to make the size of pictures more or less (or use buttons “Zoom plus”, “Zoom minus”) – use keyboard key Ctrl+A to select all pictures in mosaic (or use a button “Select all Photos”) – use keyboard key “Delete” to remove the not desired pictures from mosaic (it will not remove a real files from your HDD!) – use keyboard key ‘P’ to open a Properties Dialog (or use a button “Show Properties”) – change default avi-file name if you need – change default frames per second value if you need – use keyboard key ‘F’ to start a film creation (or use a button “Make Film”) – the avi file will be made from selectd pictures Hints: – to make a film from the photos placed in a miscellaneous directories, copy all needed photos to a temporary directory and then open that directory in VIFilm – select all pictures in a window (Ctrl+A) and then use Ctrl+click to unselect the not needed pictures – use for the Film only the photos (pictures) with identical size (the program was tested with the photos 3Mb, 2048 x 1536 pixels) – you can open more than one mosaic at ones and make a films for every of them – you can open more than one pictures in a separate windows at ones

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