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Watermarker overlays watermarks on top of videos with pictures and text with variable opacity levels. The program is easy to use, very intuitive, and effective. Plus you are presented with an infinity of options to configure the video output of your watermarked video files.

Watermarker comes with a library of images to overlay over videos. It also allows the user to add his own images to watermark videos.

For text overlaying Watermarker lets you choose any font installed on the system and you can change colors of the background, stroke and border.

All watermarks can be have opacity ranging from zero to a hundred percent.

The user interface is very intuitive plus when you run it the first time you are presented with a how to use instructional explanatory text that you can revisit whenever you want under the help section.

Summary: Watermarker, user interface, overlaying, hundred percent

Concepts: Watermark, Digital watermarking, User interface, Computer programming


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