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Video Conference System provides the easiest, most cost effective secure way to video conference and collaborate online. iPROConference® is the easiest-to-use online meeting solution for full voice and video conferencing with text messenging, file share and the ability to desktop share resources on the user’s device. iPROConference® makes it easier for everyone to benefit from the value of frequent internet or web based meetings by enabling individuals to easily meet, present and collaborate online. Key Benefits of iPROConference® iPROConference is focused on giving users a no-hassle way to conduct the frequent meetings that occur in everyday work life. The product’s simpler-is-better approach to online meetings makes any user an expert in hosting or attending internet web based meetings. Compared to other online meeting products on the market, iPROConference Video Conferencing is the: Easiest to use and administer. The streamlined interface makes it extremely easy for organizers and meeting attendees to meet right away or leave the meeting open 24/7. With a feature-rich administration center and an intuitive user interface, deployment takes minutes and no end-user training or configuration is required, thereby fixed total cost of ownership. Most cost-effective online meeting product. iPROConference pricing is a low flat rate. This means you get unlimited meetings for one flat fee, with no limits on meeting duration and no “overage” charges or extra’s depending on the number of attendees. Meeting attendees join meetings for free and do not need to have an account with iPROConference to participate. Our meeting rooms accomodate 100’s of attendees at no extra charge with the added ease of allowing multiple moderators. How It Works iPROConference allows anyone with a PC and Internet browser to host or attend an online meeting within seconds. Meeting organizers simply start a meeting instantly or schedule a meeting for a future date. Online meetings can be started with a click of the mouse from the installed iPROConference desktop icon or left turned on and minimised on the user’s task bar. As guests arrive to your meeting room, an audio door bell will alert you and you can otherwise see the individuals name listed in the room. Meeting attendee’s can attend by simply clicking on a URL sent from the meeting host via email or by providing a URL link on your own website. Meeting rooms can be password protected if required and your security is our foremost priority with all video – voice streaming being encrypted. Once all invited attendees are in the meeting, the presenter can instantly share any file or application on the desktop, regardless of where it resides. Best investment Companies quickly realize a return on investment as their employees use online meetings more frequently, dramatically increasing productivity, reducing travel costs and boosting sales by enhancing interaction with customers and prospects online. Most secure iPROConference’s meeting’s secure communication architecture uses industry-standard SSL 64 bit ciphers and 128 bit finger print encryption to ensure that confidential meeting information remains private. Security is built-in and no configuration is required by users or administrators. No server, no need for expensive host servers or complications when using iPROConference, all you need is an internet connection, headset and optional webcam. Multiple presentation modes, interactive whiteboard, text chat plus text save and audio record features. Who Can Benefit from Online Meetings? Almost every department in your organization can benefit from online meeting and collaboration technology. Bringing visual communication to everyday conversations increases customer satisfaction, reduces customer acquisition expenses and positively impacts your bottom line. Hundreds of companies, government departments, universities and home businesses use iPROConference® for online meetings everyday. Consider the following examples: A sales professional qualifies prospects more quickly, reduces the sales cycle and closes more deals by conducting online presentations and product demonstrations with prospective customers. A development team creates and revises a project plan, then schedules a subsequent online meeting with others for additional input. A financial group reviews sensitive data with group members, clients, employees, investors and financial analysts. A trainer educates new customers located in different geographic regions about a product’s latest features and documentation—without traveling. A sales manager can conduct meetings for all local or out of state (country) sales people without the costs associated with pulling them off the road or occurring associated travel and venue costs. Generating Sales Revenue Quicker through Online Meeting Use How can you immediately generate more revenue without spending a bundle on additional resources? Online meetings are a proven way to accomplish this. Unfortunately, traditional web conferencing products are difficult to use and sometimes unbearably slow and can even contain dangerous active X code. Plus, their complicated pricing models discourage companies from using them. iPROCOnference® provides a better way to get instant online meetings, with its intuitive user interface, single flat pricing model with no minimum contracts, support help desk and finally you can easily use online meetings as often as you like. Why Do Our Customers Choose iPROConference® Well our customers say whilst pricing is important and also the unlimited use, above all, for the technology to be useful and help make professionals more productive, it must be simple, effective and robust. What does the meeting room look like – Will the software work on Mac systems? No – you need to have Windows 2000,XP,Vista,Windows 2003 Server O/S. Does iPROConference provide support? Yes – we have a helpdesk ticket system and 24 hr emergency pager system to assist you. GET YOUR LEADING VIDEO CONFERENCE SERVICE TODAY!!

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