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Video Messenger is a website software for live online video instant messaging.
This allows website users to instantly connect on live 1 to 1 private webcam video chats.

Users see a list of online users connected to that room. They can ask any other participant to start a video chat session.

User Features in Live Video Messenger Software
* Online Users List (optionally a friends list filter can be applied to show friends or certain users only)
* Request, Accept Video Chats
* Videochat panels with video & text chat – can be resized and moved
* As you type preview : see real time what other user is typing (instead of a generic user is typing message)
* Enable/disable video/chat
* Enable/disable access to webcam/microphone for each user
* Enable/disable sound fx on new message
* Message count for background video chats
* Fullscreen
* Emoticons
* Text formatting (color, bold, underline, italic)
* Link parsing
* Enable/disable webcam / streaming video
* Enable/disable microphone / streaming audio
* Streaming settings (select hardware, adapt bandwidth to connection)
* External encoder support
* Timers (used time/available time)
* Hidden / Stealth / Invisible Mode
* Auto Deny Requests Toggle

Summary: instant messaging, real time

Concepts: Instant messaging, Videotelephony, Webcam, Internet, Bit rate, Videophone, Video Relay Service, Chat room


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