Video Master (Academic - 1 year)

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AceThinker Video Master is a lightweight, easy to use video converter, which supports converting between pretty much all video formats with fast speed. This powerful video converting software helps you enjoy your videos the way you like. With its handy output presets, you can simply export video for a wide range of popular portable device including Apple, Android, Sony PSP and more. It also features valuable video editor, recorder and more for video entertainment. It also provides a serious of useful editing features, including join in video clips, trim/crop video file, rotate, apply effects, edit subtitles, add watermark, etc

Summary: portable device, Android, editor, Sony, Apple

Concepts: Sony, Video, Editing, PlayStation Portable, Film editing, DVD, PlayStation 3, Copy editing


  • /technology and computing/software
  • /art and entertainment
  • /technology and computing/mp3 and midi

Tags: AceThinker Video Master, handy output presets, popular portable device, valuable video editor, trim/crop video file, useful editing features, Sony PSP, video converter, video formats, powerful video, fast speed, edit subtitles, video clips, video entertainment, wide range, Film editing, PlayStation Portable, Android, watermark, rotate, recorder, software, videos, way, Copy, Apple, join, effects, etcSummary, AppleConcepts, DVD, /technology, computing/software/art

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