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Video Download Capture is a video downloader, converter, editor, media player and even a screen recording suite. Video Download capture can be used to record online TV including Vimeo, etc. In addition, Video Download Capture is a useful conversion tool. If you want to watch a clip or show on your mobile device, then Video Download Capture allows you to edit and convert videos for iPod, iPhone and Android devices. And if it's screen recording you need, Video Download Capture adds the ability to capture live video streams, screen activity or embedded flash videos.

Summary: mobile device, Android, editor, iPod, Vimeo

Concepts: Comparison of video services, ITunes, Want, Streaming media, IPhone, ARM architecture, Need, Adobe Flash


  • /art and entertainment/movies and tv/television
  • /technology and computing/mp3 and midi
  • /technology and computing/software/shareware and freeware

Tags: video download capture, screen recording suite, mobile device, useful conversion tool, live video streams, video downloader, Android devices, media player, online TV, ARM architecture, video services, flash videos.Summary, Adobe FlashCategories, screen activity, Streaming media, iPod, iphone,, /art, editor, ITunes, converter, addition, Vimeo, clip, ability, Comparison, VimeoConcepts, entertainment/movies, tv/television/technology, computing/mp3, midi/technology, computing/software/shareware

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