Video Cartoonizer Desktop Software $10 Cartoonize Summer Discount



Now you can simply add Cartoon effect to your video with our Video Cartoonizer software for windows. <br /><br />      
      Many input formats are supported: avi, flv, mp4, mov…<br />
      The output formats will be in: avi, wmv, mpg, mp4, mov and flv.<br />
      The output size:<br />
      320×240, 480×320, 528×352, 720×480, and 1024×768.<br /><br />
      With our Video Cartoonizer you can define and choose the number of frames per seconde for the output video, this possiblity is very helpful to determine the video quality.     
<span style="background-color: #1D95BC; padding:5px;"><font size="2"> Features:</font></span>
More than 15 effects available!<br />
          Cartoonize your personal video!</font><br />
          Convert more quickly!</font><br />
          Convert multiple video in one click!</font><br />
          Many choice of number of frames per secondes!</font><br />
          No other standalone program or software is needed!</font><br />
          No need internet connection!</font><br />
          Support both 32 and 64 bit!</font><br />


Summary: avi, windows, 64 bit

Concepts: Video


  • /technology and computing/software/shareware and freeware
  • /technology and computing/mp3 and midi
  • /technology and computing/programming languages/c and c++

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