VCDEasy + Audio2VCD


VCDEasy allows you to build easily VideoCDs (VCD/SVCD)!
Audio2VCD lets you convert your audio files into the MPEG Audio format required by the VideoCDs (VCD and SVCD).
VCDEasy allows you to play your videos (from DV camcorder, DivX, DVD,…) and your pictures (from digital camera, scanner,…) in creating VideoCDs playable on most (>90%) of the home DVD Players. Audio2VCD is the complementary tool to VCDEasy. Coupled with VCDEasy, Audio2VCD allows you to create AudioVCDs (more than 4 hours of music with CD quality, up to 12 hours with good quality), and multimedia VideoCDs with mixed audio files, pictures and videos.

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