vBulleTraffic Storm v1 - 3 Months


vBulleTraffic Storm aims to drive and deliver real and unique traffic from vBulletin Boards to your online business. we have discovered that ‘ethical’ advertising in Forums is very effective way and can bring your business to success in simple steps, this can be done through manual submissions simply by creating useful threads, or even posting simple replies those can help the community with something useful. doing this will attract more users and you will be known as a good contributor, now people will always trust you and will always try to follow your contents. but doing this manually can take you lots of time, lots of efforts and headaches in order to get to the point where people will start trusting your posted contents. Imagine what if someone was doing all of this ‘authentic’ work for you for free? perhaps on couple of hundreds or forums? adding to the account this guy is fast, reliable and he doesn’t need to eat, drink or even go to the bathroom. just imagine how much traffic your site will get if you were posting ‘authentic’ posts on say 100 boards? hmm Its very hard to count that, but its not hard to achieve that with vBTS. You can bring hundreds and thousands of unique and REAL users to visit your site and read your website/products contents. surprisingly, this will increase your website’s search engine rankings and therefore, your website’s link popularity will be on first page of the search engines such as Google or Bing. this will also bring and attract more and more users to your website/product. Its widely known that forums are the best way to promote business online, and its well known that every person ‘poster’ occasionally visits 20+ boards everyday. please check the features of this great tool below:

– Add boards URLs from different sources such as: Google search, Clipboard, etc.
– Verify if the URLs are actually vBulletin Boards or not.
– Add multiple emails and test their validity using IMAP.
– Use multiple proxies at same time.
– Check proxies with 2 different modes (normal, and smart).
– Supports %95 of the vBulletin boards.
– Resolve Random questions using AI Brain.
– Save your previously entered answers in a local database or in our database.
– Load Saved answers from our database.
– Decaptcha services Support such as (Decaptcher, DeathbyCaptcha).
– De-recaptcha with more than %70 success rate.
– Activate the registered accounts automatically.
– Update the profiles of the registered accounts. (Avatar, signature, Link, YM, MSN, etc..)
– Add multiple profiles.
– Read and Accept the rules of a board.
– Read Rules Thread or a board.
– Send random comments right after the registration of the account.
– Create topics on multiple forums on multiple boards on specific Forums you select.
– Select forums by keywords you add.
– Post comments on specific Threads you select.
– Comments poster supports 2 different types of modes (quoting mode and normal mode).
– Send Mass PMs from Multiple accounts on Multiple boards at same time.
– Two different types of userslists grabbers. active users grabber and random users grabber.
– Automatically discard and exclude the mods/admins.
– Auto Detect the BCCs and Delay between 2 PMs.
– Select random PMs.
– Send from multiple accounts at same time.
– Send to multiple boards at same time.

Extra stuff:
– Change proxies and randomize them in matter of 1 click.
– Save/Load Projects.
– Log errors.
– Log downloaded webpages.
– Multithreading support (up to 50 threads per feature you use).
– Multitasking support (able to use all posters and functions at same time).
– and many more…

Never Expires

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