Upgrade INRETO 2016


Within the SolidWorks integrated menu you can now automatically choose a verification symbol (function test or measurement test)and have the symbol placed in your chosen drawing. Of course you can also choose to place verification symbols in specific measurements or surface signs, as well as plain marks in specific writings and text blocks. Should you need to erase or add verification symbols retroactively, INRETO will create new sequential numbering automatically, without duplicating any numbers….. an advantage when working with large drawings. Because of the ability of turning verification symbols on or off in your drawing, you eliminate the need for a proof drawing, as you have the choice of turning your finished drawing into a proof drawing and vice versa automatically. The creation of a verification report happens with the push of a button. Measurements are considered with upper and lower tolerance and will be included in the report. The numerical integrity will be identical with the drawing. Reports can be obtained in MS-Word as well as MS-Excel and can be easily changed and reworked by the user. Features: – 100% SolidWorks integrated. – Automatically generates and places verification marks. – Sequential numbering generated automatically. – Symbols are added with a mouse click, always in reading direction. – All important commands are in a toolbar available. Benefits: – Prototype verification report is automatically generated from the drawing. – Reports can be generated in MS Word or Excel. – Calculations with upper and lower tolerance are included. – Customer specific report protocol can be manipulates by user.

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