UniTest System 4.x.x - Standard


UniTest System is a comprehensive testing solution that allows to design, administer and process tests. This application can be used on a local computer for testing one person or perform simultaneous testing of thousands of people over the network. UniTest System is a complete solution, meaning it does everything from designing tests to analyzing and reporting test results.

UniTest System’s test editor module is capable of creating any type of test questions – multiple choice, matching, ordered (arranged) answer set, and so on. Besides checking simple “fill in the blank” type of questions, it can checks for the presence of certain keywords in students’ answers (as in “What is bacteria?” – microorganism +1, prokaryote +2, single-celled +1). The program supports multimedia files (audio, video, images), which can be integrated by simply dragging and dropping, and allows external applications to be used (for example, AutoCAD or Lotus Notes). UniTest System editor module can even create tests on its own by randomly selecting questions from a database, based on the administrator’s settings.

Importantly, UniTest System offers strong encryption options (symmetrical 448 bit TwoFish algorithm) rather then simple password protection, which can be easily bypassed. There also is a compression option for tests and their results.

UniTest System’s reporting module comes with default templates but can also produce custom test reports according to parameters selected. The results can be filtered and sorted out, merged, divided or arranged in any other manner. Program can also be used to track students’ improvement and to analyze test questions difficulty level, among other things. All data can be easily transferred from one location to another via a CD or by other means, so that testing or results processing can be set up virtually anywhere in a matter of minutes.

UniTest System is a perfect solution for testing, remote learning, pre-employment screening, assessment, certification and many other purposes.

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