UltraSuite (UE/UC/UF/UFTP)

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Develop your text in UltraEdit. Find and manage differences with UltraCompare. Missing a file or a string? Quickly find exactly what you need using UltraFinder. Security is non-negotiable. Store your important files in UltraSentry's Digital Locker. The UltraSuite gives you the power and control over your files and workflow that only IDM can deliver.

Summary: IDM

Concepts: Power, Computer file, Text editor


  • /technology and computing/computer security/network security
  • /business and industrial/biomedical
  • /law, govt and politics/law enforcement/coast guard

Tags: politics/law enforcement/coast guard, computing/computer security/network security/business, Digital Locker, important files, UltraEdit, UltraSuite, govt, IDM, text, differences, power, string, workflow, UltraCompare, UltraFinder, control, UltraSentry, IDMConcepts

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