If we would describe Txt2dir in one short line then it would be:
It creates directories quickly from text.

It is a program, with which you can create a lot of folders automatically, rather than manually, one by one. You can start from a text file which in many occasions exists already or is very easy to create.

It is especially made for professional users who can win a lot of time and money using this technique.

How it works:
1) Preparation of text file: First of all you locate or create a text file which contains strings, one under another. Each line is the name of a folder which will be created in a parent directory by Txt2dir.
Very simple example contents of a txt file named for instance C:My DocumentsMy Animals.txt:

An easy way to save such a file is using Notepad from Windows.

2) Txt2dir:
A) Enter the prepared text file by typing in the complete path or using the file menu or using the selection panel.
B) Enter the parent folder by typing it or using the selection panel. For instance ‘C:My DocumentsAnimals’
C) Hit RUN button.

In our example, following folders would be made:
C:My DocumentsAnimalscat
C:My DocumentsAnimalsdog
C:My DocumentsAnimalsfish
C:My DocumentsAnimalsbird

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