Twitter Free Social Networking For Business - 100 Success Secrets To Increase Your Profits and Sales Using Twitter Business Strategies


“It’s one of the fastest-growing phenomena on the Internet.” – New York Times
Many companies are using Twitter in innovative ways. Dell has sold over $500K in products via twitter. Zappos is forging stronger relationships with its customers on Twitter. It has over 100 of its employees actively using twitter including its president. Comcast, HR Block, Southwest Air and other progressive companies are using Twitter to improve customer service. Mzinga has had`press conferences online via twitter. The list of smart companies on Twitter goes on and on.
How can you use Twitter for business? In this book, you’ll discover free Twitter tools you can use to help you to not only boost your websites’ traffic but also your income. It covers what these tools are, but also how you can make use of these tools to gain an edge over your competitors.
This book covers ways to use Twitter to Share Ideas, Show Repect, Engage Customers, Build your brand and Provide Customer Service.
ISBN: 978-1-921523-99-1

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