TinMan RealTime (Acad / Non-Comm)

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TinMan RealTime is a software application used for real-time monitor, control and/or automation of local or remote system(s) with any number of sensors. Acquire and visualize remote sensor dataQuickly and efficiently access, validate, understand, improve and refine sensor data coming from local or remote systemsManually or autonomously control local or remote systems

The basis of communication is the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) of wireless or wired Internet connections. UDP messages received by TinMan RealTime are typically comprised of sensor id and associated sensor data values. Messages being sent from RealTime are comprised of target system ids and command or action information. Because of RealTime's robust and efficient multi-threaded application architecture, there is no limit to the number of UDP data sources or UDP command targets that can be set-up and configured to operate simultaneously. 

Real-to-life gauges can be assigned to intuitively visualize live sensor values and administer system commands. Multiple passive and active systems, local or remote, can be continuously and simultaneously monitored and controlled in real-time. 

Once dropped onto the live workspace, gauges and controls can be positioned as desired, and linked to any sensor or command element through a simple click of a mouse. Real-time data is visualized immediately. Also provided are interface controls for the direct manual manipulation and control of external systems by sending UDP messages (or commands). 

Summary: UDP, dataQuickly, real-time.&nbsp

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