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Timeclock 365 is a powerful Employee Management Solution, empowering managers with everything they need to better manage their employees, and save a lot of money.

Timeclock 365 is a SaaS cloud based product, sync's with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

With TimeClock 365 solution, organizations using Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM now have a toolbox of capabilities to better manage their employees’ time, performance, projects, and more.   

Timeclock 365 platform includes, new generation, real time platform of time and attendance, Projects and Tasks and activities of employees during working hours, Real time employee location on live map, Geo Fencing of customers on Map, travel route history of employees, with lots of customizable alerts and reports and a lot more…

Very small monthly recurring payment per user like office 365.

Free trail for two weeks

Key advantages of Timeclock 365

·       Simple & Easy To Set Up and Use!

·       Low-Price vs Features

·       Full Solution To Manage Your Employees

·       Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customers Free Integration Feature

·       Flexible Usage

·       Same Model as Microsoft and Other Big Vendors

·       Low Churn Rate

·       No Long-Term Commitment For Customer So Easy Sell

Key features of Timeclock 365

·       Real Time Anyplace Platform for Time and Attendance with Location & Reporting.

·       Projects and Tasks Completion by Employees,

·       Real Time Employee Location on Live Map,

·       Real Time Geo Fencing of Customers on Map with Automated Alerts,

·       Travel Route History of Employees Point To Point  

·       Many Customizable Alerts and Reminders

·       Reports and a lot more

Customer benefits of using Timeclock 365

·       Tools box to Manage and Supervise Employees

·       Better Work Performance of Employees

·       Higher Awareness of Time Usage in the Organization Leading to Time Saving

·       Happier Clients because of Better Service

·       Reduction of Expenses

·       Multiple Touchpoints such as Location, Project ,Tasks, Time and attendance ,Alerts, Reminders and Customer Geo Fencing.


Opportunities for resellers

·       Bread and Butter Product That Every Company Needs

·       Opens Door to Up Sell

·       High Ration of Features and Capabilities vs Price

·       Affordable Price

·       One-Time Sale, Life Time Profit for Reseller

·       Every Company Needs the Product

·       High Margins

·       Low Churn 1%

·       FREE NFR Users for Resellers for Internal Use and Demo

·       New Employee

·       Easy to Sell

·       Integrates to Microsoft Dynamics

Target Market

·       SME Market All Verticals from one User to Thousands of users

·       Security Guard Companies

·       Cleaning companies

·       Sales Rep

·       Technicians

·       Remote Workers

·       Law Firms

·       Accounting Firms

·       and More

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