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Thunderbird Email Address Extractor v1.0.8 is a best thunderbird email extractor software to extract email contacts from Thunderbird. Thunderbird Email Data Extractor is the fast email extractor for thunderbird, It can extract all valid email address from all configured email accounts in Thunderbird.

Thunderbird Email Address Extractor v1.0.8 allow users to select any email folders such as INBOX, SENTITEMS, DELETED ITEMS, CONTACTS, DRAFTS, SPAM and all user defined folder.
It also have many options for filter to extract valid email address contacts from thunderbird.

Thunderbird Email Address Extractor v1.0.8 is very fast email extractor for thunderbird to extract email address from Thunderbird. Extracted emails can be saved. Thunderbird Email Address Extractor Free Download available for trial the software.

Key Features…

  • It export email contact from thunderbird.
  • Thunderbird Email Contact Extractor export valid email contact from thunderbird.
  • It supports filter to helps you to extract only useful email address.
  • Thunderbird Email Address Extractor free download available for trial.
  • No more Expensive than your valuable email contacts to back up from Thunderbird.
  • Extract email address from Recipient, BCC, CC, mail body, and contacts from thunderbird.
  • Compatible with all version of mozilla thunderbird email client.
  • Thunderbird email address export to Excel, can be saved in CSV file (OPEN in EXCEL), .TXT (OPEN in NOTEPAD).
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