The Truth about the GRE Graduate Record Examination - How to Prepare and Pass, The Facts you Should Know


You want to take the GRE, and think to yourself “I should take a lot of practice tests”, and so you want to buy test prep books. Well, that’s somewhat helpful, but you’ll find that the real test, taken on the computer, feels much different.
You will have much more trouble finishing on time for the real test than you will in practice tests- particularly for the analytical section. The questions on the real test will seem harder than practice tests. You also can’t go backwards, look ahead, omit questions, or sketch notes on the paper.
This is only one of the many (unexplained elsewhere) GRE tips covered in the book. So before you start studying GRE test prep questions: get this book, which will tell you everything about the GRE, covering every angle.
The book covers Most Commonly Occuring Idioms in GRE, Usage of Correct Prepositions in GRE, GRE Analytical Writing Section Analysis, Improving Vocabulary For GRE, GRE Preparation Experience…And Much More..
All in all, you can beat the value. This book is the introduction bestseller to GRE. Get this book FIRST before you touch any GRE test prep.

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