The Help Desk Toolkit


The Help Desk Toolkit
The definitive guide to setting up and running a successful Help Desk-now updated and expanded to include the latest technologies.
This toolkit is for you if you are:
A business manager charged with researching, planning, and setting up a Help Desk in your organization
An IT manager who wants to improve the level of technical support and communication within your organization with the latest support technologies
A Help Desk manager looking for guidance on how to upgrade traditional Help Desk functions with Internet- or intranet-related processes.
The thoroughly revised, updated, and expanded Second Edition of the critically acclaimed, first-ever toolkit to running an effective Help Desk, this toolkit tells you everything you need to know to plan, budget, staff, implement, track, upgrade, and even outsource your organization’s Help Desk.
Guides you step-by-step through every phase of setting up traditional and Web-related Help Desks for the Internet and an intranet
Provides a wealth of practical advice on all technical, management, and human-factor aspects of running an effective Help Desk
Supplies ready-to-use templates for an array of Help Desk projects.
“This thorough Help Desk Toolkit provides a clear roadmap to designing, implementing and operating a help desk. The authors leaves no key process out and completely covers everything from initial concept to measuring support effectiveness and process improvement.” – Linda Zarate
The renowned Help Desk Essentials package: Fourteen ready to use documents
Hundreds of pages on how real life Help Desks are managed – for you to download and use immediately for your Help Desk success.
Unfortunately, creation of an appropriate and focused Help Desk is NOT a trivial task. However, it need not be a daunting experience either!
Let’s look at the record: The Help Desk Toolkit is in popular demand – numerous clients are actively using the valuable documents.
THE HELP DESK Toolkit – Fourteen extensive documents
One thing’s for sure: The Help Desk Toolkit makes Help Desk Procurement and Management far more straight forward. No doubt about it: it de-mystifies Help Desk Management, and enables you to produce a Help Desk function with the minimum of fuss. There is absolutely no need to re-invent the wheel! It is supplied primarily in MS-Word format and comprises the following components:
HELP DESK all you need now
Ready to use documents: Help Desk Implementation Plan, Help Desk procedures, Proactive Stress Management, Problem management procedure
Help desk implementation plan covering all the aspects of help desk implementations
Help Desk Phone Communication Standards – Example Standards Monitoring Sheet
Help Desk Stress Management – 30 slides Proactive Strategies for Managing Stress and Change
Help Desk Procedures – This procedure defines the steps involved in responding to customer calls through the Help Desk facility.
Extensive guide to defining and setting up a helpdesk function
Let’s be honest: getting buy-in is the hardest part of any Help Desk, are you ready for straight talk? This is a full PowerPoint presentation. It explains the HELP DESK, what is needed, why and where.
Let’s face it: a comprehensive SLA is a daunting task. Now you’ll have an extensive blueprint at your fingertips. This document explains every part of the service level agreement for a HELP DESK, clause by clause. You can populate and change directly, as required.
How many times have you said to yourself: how well are our Help Desk needs taken care of? If you already have a HELP DESK, or just want to be doubly sure, this component will certainly help. It comprises a series of questions designed to take you through your HELP DESK and check it for quality and completeness. A first rate audit tool (MS-Word).
We’ve got the solution to your needs: HELP DESK best practice is designed around a set of activities to deliver upon excellent customer value. This explains the key concepts of a HELP DESK.
In today’s uncertain economy you need clarity, fast. This is a complete template for establishing service descriptions. This is a complete template for a HELP DESK design.
Help Desk Telephone skills standards
Problem Management Procedure
Proactive Stress Management
Features of the all-new edition:
Fourteen documents
Hundreds of pages with easy-to-follow sections
An extensive must-do checklist based on our experience implementing Help Desk in over 40 industries
New practical advice on awareness, planning, implementation, and review
New commentary on delivering upon business value
All-new “tuneup” section tailored to improve the performance of existing initiatives
Fully updated throughout to take account of current Best Practices and policies, and the state of their use
We are pleased to be able to offer all these elements as part of the highly acclaimed HELP DESK Toolkit.
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