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The program is intended for the preservation of a history and construction of a genealogical tree of families. Create a detailed list of family members, add biographies, photos and video materials. The program is easy-to-use and features a clear and beautiful interface.
Functions of the program:

  • Drawing the biography of each member of a family;
  • Preservation of the history of a family;
  • Construction of a general family tree for all people in the list;
  • Construction of the general family tree on a man’s or woman’s line;
  • Construction of a personal genealogic branch;
  • Construction of a tree of nationalities;
  • Construction of the list of a generation;
  • Construction of a picture album and videoarchive of a family;
  • Storage of copies of documents;
  • A reminder of Birthdays of members of the family;
  • A print genealogic tree, biographies and photos of members of a family;
  • Preservation of the data in archives;
  • Export / Import format GETCOM.
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