The Business Ethics Handbook


The Business Ethics Handbook: The Complete Knowledge Guide you need to Understand, Implement and Manage Business Ethics – With Best Practices Example Agreement Templates
Making the most of business ethics requires taking some proactive steps on the part of your business, but lucratively pays off.
Business ethics is essential for most businesses operating in today’s society. Social responsibility for businesses facilitates relations with clientele and the public in general, but also promotes appropriate relations between coworkers and managers in the workplace. With the growing need for corporate ethics, this book is the most objective book on business ethics.
It presents ethical theories along with their strengths and weaknesses, and then it presents templates and blue prints to apply business ethics best practices. These topics include accounting and many others left untouched by other authors, and the topics are current and are often taken from real-world cases. This book helps you to lay the foundation and implement Business Ethics with its roadmap and many sample agreements.
You’ll love this book, it’s a quick, yet thorough read for busy entrepreneurs and anyone needing to brush up on business ethics. This books captures the essence of business ethics for those wanting to increase their visibility, make an impact, and influence others. Because so many businesses have become so casual, it’s easy to forget these basic skills. In an economic downturn with fewer job openings and with so many qualified people applying for those jobs, the person with the edge will get the job. This book helps you gain that edge.

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