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TeamPlayer allows multiple users on a PC; multiple users, each as an own cursor on the desktop!
The ‘multi seat’ version of TeamPlayer3© enables multiple local (on the same location) users to be all present in, and interacting synchronously on one PC and in all applications that are running there.
In addition to the TeamPlayer PRO version, the MultiSeat version allows for setting a certain area per user, effectively restricting a user to only be able to work in the defined area.
In example: User1 can be restircted to monitor1, user2 to monitor2 and user3 to be able to go over all monitor(s).
Area restriction can be defined with the accompanying configuration tool, and can be set on a per user basis; and any are can be defined,.

Some features:

Area restriction per user: Each users is restricted to a certain area on screen, i.e. user1 works only on monitor 1 and user 2 only on monitor 2, etc.


Concepts: Multiplication


  • /technology and computing/software/shareware and freeware
  • /technology and computing/hardware/computer peripherals/computer monitors
  • /science/mathematics/arithmetic

Tags: Area restriction, certain area, TeamPlayer PRO version, computing/hardware/computer peripherals/computer monitors/science/mathematics/arithmetic, multiple users, multi seat&rsquo, configuration tool, MultiSeat version, PC, cursor, desktop, example, addition, lsquo, TeamPlayer3&copy

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