This software is intended to make finding a document on your computer much easier. It merges any document into a library and associates text labels with it. Each label is a simple text mark – “important”, “personal”, “children”, “presentation”, “our vacation”, “2010” and so on. Each document in the library gets associated with any number of such labels describing its contents, so it has never been easier to locate the document you need, even if you don’t remember its exact name.
Moreover, the labels are merged into categories – a smart way to organize the documents from different physical locations into a single virtual folder you can access any time.
Thus with this tool you can label any file or folder on your computer just like a website or blog page. Simply assign a label to a folder or file and you won’t need to type a search queries in your Explorer any more! Simply scroll through labels with the mouse, select the desired ones from the convenient filtered list and open an associated document with a single click!

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