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SysTools PST Merge renders the users to merge multiple PST files to a single file, making it easy for working and carrying. The software allows combining all the items of the PST file such as, email, contacts, calendars, tasks etc. For merging the files, software provides three different options such as, join PST, merger multiple PST and merge contacts. In join option, it enables to join two different PST file to single PST and in merge, similar folders of different PST files are merged together. However, the third option ‘merge contacts’ merges only the contacts in the files loaded. Apart from these, it supports other features for the complete merging of the items.

Salient Features of PST Merge

  • Software allows the adding of multiple files or folders for merging without restrictions.
  • If file is entered by mistake, ‘Remove’ option provided allows removing the file from the list.
  • Enables the merging of the files using three different options; Join, Merge and Merge Contacts.
  • Supports provision to exclude ‘Deleted item’ folder during joining the PST files.
  • Facilitates to eliminate duplicates along with excluding ‘Deleted’ folder while merging similar folders.
  • Renders removal of duplicate contacts during the merging of contacts.
  • Provides live status report of each process along with item counts and save the file in corresponding destination provided.
  • Design of tool is made simple and self-explanatory, no technical support is required.
  • Being a Windows supported software; users can run the tool in Windows 8.1 and below versions.

Summary: Windows 8.1, Windows, technical support

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